Les Sages Aiguilleuses

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The Sages Aiguilleuses (or Wise Needleress as they are known in English) are a secretive worldwide organisation of like-minded women.



The exact origin of the S.A. is unknown. Its earliest mention in print is in an 18th century French pamphlet entitled "Les Sages Aiguilleuses ou le pouvoir derrière le trône" which attacked the many courtesans at the court of the French king and their influence on him.


The actual memberships of the S.A. is kept secret and the leadership has always refused to confirm or deny the involvement of a given person with the group. Nevertheless, many women have, over the years, been suspected of belonging to the group, including such woman as Catherine de Medici and Madame de Pompadour.


A lace skirt, a pin cushion on the wrist with five silver pins, a thimble on the index finger, a sewing kit (the "trousseau") worn around the waist, a measuring tape worn around the neck with a needle worn as a pendant.


Due to its secretive nature, the S.A. have often been accused of controling events. During some conflicts, both sides have been known to accuse the other side of being under the thrall of the S.A. and many governments have, over the years, declared the S.A. outlawed but far from destroying the organisation they have simply driven them underground.

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