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الإتحاد اللبناني
Al-’ittihaad Al-Lubnaanii
Lebanese Union
Conventional short name:
Local: لبنان
English: Lebanon
State flag of Lebanon
Capital: Beirut

Long dominated by the Druze, Lebanon today is ruled by a coalition goverment representing all ethnic and religious groups found within its territory.

Lebanon and Judea formed what historians call the Levantine Alliance and held out against the Ottoman Empire for many years before being conquered.

Along with much of the rest of the Middle East, Lebanon regained its independence in the 1920's due to the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire.

Lebanon's government structure has worked remarkably well at uniting the country's diverse groups into one unified multicultural nation. In the early days of the modern Lebanese Union, many people expected the country to devolve into civil war (like *here*); Lebanon's peaceful history and flourishing economy have proven them wrong, however. While much of the Middle East makes money off of historical, archeological, and religious tourism, as well as oil and/or agriculture depending on area, Lebanon's open, cosmopolitan blend of cultures has made it into the "party country" of the Eastern Mediterranean - full of beaches, nightlife, casinos, and beautiful people. It is also known as a tax haven and international banking center where the world's wealthy and sneaky keep their secret bank accounts.

here — Lebanon and parts of Syria




North: Syria.
West: Mediterranean Sea.
South: Judea.
East: Syria.

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