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The Langstrom Seven is a team of neohuman superheroes in the Chicago Press Universe.

The founder is known as Owl (Herbert Langstrom). Always smartly dressed and highly sophisticated, Langstrom is the CEO of Langstrom Enterprises. A friend of Polaro (Havier Strang), and fellow neohuman, the two don't always see eye-to-eye on the matter of intergrating neohuman and normal humans together. Owl favours a more direct approach to his friend, and, although their respective teams do help each other on occasion, the Seven frequently clash with the The Doom Squadron.

Although implicated in several illegal activities, the charges against Langstorm have never been proven.

Despite Langstrom's powerful psionic abilities, the government have not as yet determined that he is a neohuman.

His powers include psychokinesis, telepathy, extrasensory perception and a mild form of mind-control. It is believed, though, that the full scope of his powers remain hidden, by choice or otherwise.

Despite his great power, he also usually carries a gun around with him, which has been used several times against the Purifiers' nullification devices. However, since he has been carrying it prior to the emergence of the Purifiers or the nullification devices, the exact reason still remains uncertain. Its power-source remains unknown.


The other members of the Langstrom Seven are:

  • Feral (Gregory Hawk) - Enhanced senses, strength and agility. Somewhat quick to anger, Feral is the muscle-man of the group. Mostly likes to say little and do a lot.
  • Mimic (Diana Jackson) - Able to disguise herself as anything. Rather a mysterious character, Mimic is, perhaps, the most devious of the team (by nature more than anything else). Often prefers to do her own thing, and is left to get on with it.
  • Talon (Arthur Black) - Can generate an armoured layer over his body, as well as having long, razor-sharp claws.
  • Interface (Ryszardu NazaƂ) - Capable of interfacing with technology. Always serious, Interface is more of a recurring character than the others. He is highly intelligent (almost annoyingly so), and always gets the job done.
  • Gecko (Catren Griffin) - Capable of scaling almost any surface, and has enhanced senses and agility. Rather crafty, Gecko is a cat-burgler, whose activities have only increased since gaining her powers.
  • Resonance (Iogos Pereirin) - Capable of generating various forms of energy waves. The newest member of the team, Resonance is also one of the most powerful. Usually acts as a squad-leader when Owl is not present.

Despite the team's name, there is, in fact, an eighth member:

  • Backup (Gina Star) - The secret weapon of the team, Backup is usually the one that breaks members of the team (amongst others) out of prison. Her powers include invisibility, phase-shifting and some mild psychic abilities, though it is generaly beleived that the full scope of her powers are yet to be realised. Rescued from an anti-neohuman mob by Owl, she is totally loyal to him, despite her reservations about his methods.
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