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Promotional image for the series

Lance was a five-year spinoff series from the popular hit Traci the Vompire Hunter.

The title character is a vompire who has grown to hate his undead state and seeks redemption by setting himself up as a private detective in New Amsterdam. Eventually, he is joined by others and they in particular go up against a corporation called NagaCor which evidently has an exclusively demonic board of directors.

Regular Characters

  • Lance - A vompire looking for some kind of redemption after falling in love with a human being.
  • Xandra (Alexandra) Ferris - Brilliant computer hacker with whom Lance has fallen in love. She is also seeking a way to make him human again so they can be together.
  • Agripinna - An ancient, insane vompire and Lance's former lover.
  • Wilfred Smyth-Pugh - English former Guardian and expert on everthing occult.
  • Simon Wu - Ghetto fighter from New Amsterdam's Chinatown who falls in love with Xandra.
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