La Poste (Louisiannaise)

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La Poste
Logo, La Poste
Type State-owned company
Slogan A vous de choisir, To you, the choice
Founded 1800
Location Yonne, Terre Platte, Osage
Key people Monique Pescia, CEO & Director
Employees 50,101
Industry Trucking
Products First Class Mail
Domestic Mail
Revenue Green up.png€25 million LE (an CCXIII)
(roughly equivalent to fiscal 2005)

Officially, La Poste Louisiannaise, commonly, La Poste was a government owned department until the separation with RepubliComm which took the telegraph and telephony in the early 1900s. It came into being by mandate of the National Assembly and the Council, following the fine example of NALien inventor Benjamin Franklin, who created the NAL's Royal Post Service. It began life as the Republican Communications Company in an CX. Within twenty years, the Company was split, RepubliComm and La Poste going their separate ways.

La Poste continued from an CXXX as a division of the Ministry of the Interior, but later became a centralized company in the années CLXXX (1970's).

La Poste is one of the larger employers of Louisianne, with delivery service as well as a well maintained private bus system. These postal buses service the rural areas of the northern Préfectures where it has been found to be impractical by CFL to run rail lines.

While La Poste has lost some minor market share to such companies as Federal Express and others of the NAL, most of the internal business has remained in the hands of La Poste, with official liaisons for the transport of letters and other frieght outside of Louisianne

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