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KwaKholwa (Zulu for "Land of the Believing"; also known in English as "Kholwaland") was a colony of the Federated Kingdoms in South Africa. It was formed in 1948, when it was separated from the colony union of South Africa (namely the colonies of Natal and southeastern Cape) on the basis of different religion. The lands where the dominant religion was Islam were separated in order to create this new colony. Later this caused some migration of non-muslims out of KwaKholwa into South Africa and of muslims into KwaKholwa from South Africa. However, KwaKhola remained an FK colony, only being granted full independence in 1985. Soon after the independence of the country in the 80s, Zulu became the most powerful group in KwaKholwa and renamed the state into Zululand (known locally as KwaZulu), considering it to be a direct descendant of the 19th century Zulu empire.

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