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panel from galley-proofs of Episode 1.

Kaumodakí is written by Divyanshu Sandiep. Sandiep originally marketed Kaumodakí to the larger Millennium Comics and Chicago houses, but was refused. Taken in by BDTR, Kaumodakí has proven to be a success throughout much of the world.

Sandiep was recently asked how long Kaumodakí would run, and he said, "until they claw the pen from my dying hand or it feels time to retire our brave hero...but probably the former rather than the latter."


The setting for Kaumodakí will feel subtly strange to most denizens of the Pentapolis, as it incorporates elements of the cities as they were originally planned but never completed.


Trading card image of Kaumodakí.

Heath Pradesh is the son of Mam̃baínese immigrants to Ter Mair. Attending University at Georgetown, Heath begins to honestly try to understand his roots, and begins exploring his Hindi spirituality. As he begins his studies, he begins to find that he has strange powers. In the series, we first encounter his ex-girlfriend Madelaine, who becomes the first real test of his powers.

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