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Kamerun's membership in the Community of Dalmatophone States (KSD) was suspended in 1967, after it became known that they were supporting Biafran seccessionists in the Gold Coast civil war. Though the war ended in 1970 with the crushing of Biafra, Kamerunian membership in the KSD was not reinstated until 1987. In 1985 it was revealed that Kamerun (together with Gabon) provided the Beninian secessionists with arms, funds and "volunteer" troops during the Togo-Benin war. This too ended in defeat for the Kamerunian-supported forces, after the secessionist "People's Democratic Socialist Republic of Benin" was crushed by Togolese government forces. Only in 1987, after the slightly pro-SNORist government of Kamerun was overthrown, was KSD membership reinstated.

Kamerun was granted independence on 27 March 1957.

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