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Jumpers (Saltadores in the original Castillian) aired in Montrei from 1995-1998. The series followed the adventures of a group of "Jumpers" as they "jump" from one parallel universe to another (hence the name). Due to damage incurred to the jumping device, the jumpers cannot control where or when they jump, and generally got caught up in some kind of trouble on every Earth they landed in.

Some of the worlds visited:

  • United North America: a more expansionistic NAL spreads all the way to the Pacific.
  • Communism world: The Communists won the Russian Civil War, and later expanded beyond Russia, dominating the planet
  • Pax Romana: Where the Roman Empire wasn't destroyed and continues to rule the world
  • Vive le Roi: Where the French Revolution didn't happen and where the French were able to rout the foreign colonies from North America.
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