John o the Stone Burg

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Known in Kemr as Jowan dil Duncalath, it is a 17th century lament written for two flutes. It was written based on the old folk character Princep Ioanes, who was captured by pirates the night before going to his betrothal. Some years and many misfortunes later, he returns home to find his home in ruins and his faithful bride-to-be one fortnight dead. The bedraggled Ioanes is turned away from the funerary feast so he goes up on the highest tower of the stone castle and sings his lament. His clear voice and powerful bardery cut through the mourners' festivities and all turn their ears to the mournful keen. When the singing ends at last, the lord of the house recognises the voice as that of Princep Ioanes and orders his men to fetch the hearbroken prince. But alas, they find only his broken body at the foot of the stone tower. The once youthful lovers are "married" and buried together; and the bards take the lament and spread it to all corners of Kemr.


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