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Jayson Park (박재상, 朴載相) (b. January 5, 1978) is a renowned Corean Jass/Nu jass singer. He often uses a form of sprechstimme in his performances, and most notably in his breakout world-wide hit, Gañnam Style, (named after a neighborhood of Kieñseñ).

Early Years

Born in suburban Gañnam-do to an affluent family. His father, Park Uon-Ho was a mid-level manager, but had since become the executive chairman of DI Corporation, a manufacturer of semiconductor manufacturing equipment listed on the Nikkei and Kieñseñ Exchanges. His mother, Kim Iung-hi,owns several restaurants in Gañnam and Seul.

Park attended Banpho (반포) Elementary and Middle Schools and Sehwa (세화) High School. He was exuberant, but loved school thanks to excellent teachers. Although he reputedly bothered some of his classmates, although he quickly became popular and made them laugh at stressful times.

In an interview on Corea's Kieñseñ Broadcasting System, a former teacher of Park said "I remember Jayson making a lot of jokes about the Chinese and the Russians during class. But nothing was off-limits. He joked about everything and everyone. He helped them laugh before exams. I disliked him at the time, but looking back, I see that he added a great energy to the class."

Park told CNN's Alina Cho that when he was 15 years old, he watched a Corean TV programme that introduced foreign pop music. One particular episode showed a concert at Wembley Stadium held by the Indian raga-rock band Rani where they performed their 1976 hit single "Kashmiri Symfonia". Park said it was this concert footage that sparked his love for music.

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