James I of England and Scotland

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James I of England, James V of Scotland
Margaret of York, heiress of Richard III and Queen to James I and V

James I and V (1490-1542) was the son-in-law of Richard III, final victor of England's Wars of the Roses. Richard's only surviving child, Margaret of York, married King of the Scots' heir and as a result when Richard died it was Margaret's husband who wore the crowns at age twenty-two. Prepartory of this, Richard had invested James with the title Duke of Kent. Thus he became the first person to hold both the Duchies of Kent and Rothesay, traditional titles for the heirs apparent of England and Scotland respectively. One year after James I ascended to the English throne, his father James IV of Scotland died.

None of James' early children survived infancy. He was on his deathbed at Falkland Palace on December 14 when his only living heir, a girl, was born. Before he died, he is reported to have said, "It began with a lass and it will end with a lass". This was a reference to the Stewart dynasty, and how it had come to the throne through Marjorie, the daughter of Robert the Bruce. As it happened, the House of Stewart retained the throne despite its passing through an heiress, due to Mary's marriage to Lord Darnley, a distant Stewart cousin.

James was succeeded by his infant daughter, Mary I.

Preceded by:
Richard III
King of England
Succeeded by:
Mary I
Preceded by:
James IV
King of Scots
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