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The International Qurultaı of Kökbörü-Buzkaşı Organisations (Kökbörü-Buzkaşı Uyumlarnıņ Halıqaralıq Qurultayı - KBUHQ) is the international regulating body for the Central Asian sport of Kökbörü. The international umbrella organisation is made up of representative delegations from the various national organising councils, with a rotating chairmanship.

The international regulating body was founded in 1967 to oversee the increasing number of international matches, and to encourage standardisation between the different nations represented.

In addition to regulating the national leagues of the sport known variously as Kökbörü, Kökpär, Buzkashi and Ulaq-Tartış, KBUHQ is also responsible for overseeing international competitions, particularly the Kökbörü-Buzkaşı World Championship.

Kökbörü-Buzkaşı World Championship

The Kökbörü-Buzkaşı World Championship is organised as a triennial competition, like the Central Asian Games. It runs in the year between the Central Asian Games and the World Games, and is usually hotly contested between participating countries.

The World Championship has its origin in a three-way competition between the Moghul National Realm, Persia and the newly-independent Turkestan, which took place in 1924. This competition ran intermittently during the period before the wars. With the outbreak of hostilities in both the Second Great War in the West and the Great Oriental War in the East, the Central Asian nations began to move to a war-preparedness footing. International Kökbörü-Buzkaşı games continued to be played, however, right up until the outbreak of hostilities between Russia and China in the 1946-1949 Central Asian War.

After the War, there was a brief period when international Kökbörü-Buzkaşı matches were organised on an ad-hoc individual basis, but in 1957, the first championship of a regular triennial competition took place. Participant nations were Turkestan, Persia, Mongolia, the Moghul National Realm and the Tuvin and Buryat Governorates.

The 1969 World Championship match between the Tuvin and Buryat Governorates was overshadowed by a controversy involving the precise origins of many of the team members of both finalist teams. A majority of players on the winning Tuvin team and a significant minority of players from the Buryat team were from parts of Russia outside of the Governorates that the teams theoretically represented. The situation was complicated by the refusal of Russia as a whole to field a team in such a "barbaric" non-Russian sport.

The following championship series of 1972 featured a greatly expanded roster of teams from several of the other Snorist ethnic governorates, as well as teams from Tibet, Uyguristan and Turkey. In 1981, the roster was expanded again with the inclusion of Kaxmir, Sind and the Punjab.

Year Championship Winner Other Finalist
1957 SNORist Mongolia.PNG Mongolia Tannu-Tuva flag.PNG Tuvin Guberniya
1960 Moghul National Realm.png Moghul National Realm SNORist Turkestan Eagle.PNG Turkestan
1963 SNORist Turkestan Eagle.PNG Turkestan Flag Buryatia.gif Buryat Guberniya
1966 SNORist Mongolia.PNG Mongolia Persia-prop.png Persia
1969 Tannu-Tuva flag.PNG Tuvin Guberniya Flag Buryatia.gif Buryat Guberniya
1972 Moghul National Realm.png Moghul National Realm Qazaqstan.gif Qazaq Guberniya
1975 SNORist Turkestan Eagle.PNG Turkestan Tibet-3.png Tibet
1978 TocharstanWOD.gif Tocharian Guberniya SNORist Mongolia.PNG Mongolia
1981 Punjab flag.jpg Punjab Uyguristan 1.PNG Uyguristan
1984 Flag Bashkortostan.gif Bashkir Guberniya SNORist Turkestan Eagle.PNG Turkestan
1987 Kaxmir flag.gif Kaxmir Tannu-Tuva flag.PNG Tuvin Guberniya
1990 Moghul National Realm.png Moghul National Realm Mongolia flag.gif Mongolia
1993 Persia-prop.png Persia Qazaqstan.gif Qazaqstan
1996 Kaxmir flag.gif Kaxmir Sind flag.gif Sind
1999 Turkestan flag.PNG Turkestan Turkey flag.gif Turkey
2002 Mongolia flag.gif Mongolia Tannu-Tuva flag.PNG Tannu-Tuva
2005 Qazaqstan.gif Qazaqstan Turkestan flag.PNG Turkestan
2008 Flag Buryatia.gif Buryatia Punjab flag.jpg Sikh Razj Samdh
2011  ?  ?

2011 World Championship

Scotland is once again expecting to field a team in the 2011 championship (see here). Groups are already assigned for the 2011 World Championships, which are expected to be an intense competition. The top two teams out of each group qualify for the playoffs, together with the two highest-scoring runner-up teams.

Group A appears to be shaping up into a showdown between the powerful Tuvin and Turkestani teams, though the Don Republic currently also have a strong national squad. The MNR appear to be a safe bet to top Group B, with the second place wide open. Group C is a very difficult group for the poor Scots, with Mongolia, Kaxmir and Bashkortostan all having very strong teams. Group D seems perhaps the most open of all, and pandits have predicted qualification by almost any combination of teams. Group E, on the other hand, looks like a three-way fight between Qazaqstan, the Sikh Confederacy and Kalmykia.

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E
Sind flag.gif Sind Moghul National Realm.png Moghul National Realm Flag Bashkortostan.gif Bashkortostan Persia-prop.png Persia Siberia flag.PNG United States of Siberia
Tannu-Tuva flag.PNG Tannu-Tuva Flag Tatarstan.gif Tatarstan Kaxmir flag.gif Kaxmir Flag Buryatia.gif Buryatia Qazaqstan.gif Qazaqstan
Flag Chuvashia.gif Chuvashia Uyguristan 1.PNG Uyguristan Mongolia flag.gif Mongolia TocharstanWOD.gif Tocharstan Punjab flag.jpg Sikh Razj Samdh
Turkestan flag.PNG Turkestan Flag Altay.gif Altai Scotflag.gif Scotland Tibet-3.png Tibet Turkey flag.gif Turkey
Beihanguo flag.gif Beihanguo Razputhana flag.gif Razputhana Bhavalpur flag.gif Bhavalpur CrimeaNewFlag.png Crimea Azerbaijan flag.gif Azerbaijan
Don republic.gif Don Republic Flag Khakassia.gif Khakassia Mari El.PNG Mari El Yakutia.gif Yakutia Kalmyk flag.gif Kalmykia
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