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Ige Yutaca (Yutaca Ige in Western order) is the current Socialist Prime Minister of the High Kingdom of Kanawiki. He is the first Kanawikian Prime Minister of Lùquiùan descent.


The Ige family came from an unstable land that has faced an invasion by Japan that was only repelled by the Federated Kingdoms, and was a tributary to two different countries. Ige's ancestor decided that living in Lùquiù was not worth it, and in the 1880s, emigrated to the Kingdom of Oahu.

Ige's father Toquio served with honor in the Japanese Army in the Second Great War along with many other Kanawikians. Toquio was wounded in the liberation of Corea.

Ige was born in 1957 in a newly-independent Kanawiki (which got its independence only 3 years before). His family was not well-off, with Tokio working in construction and his mother as a nurse. Toquio was one of the early members to join the growing Socialist movement, something that deeply influenced Yutaka.

Kanawiki in the 1950s and 1960s was dominated by corporations (zaibaçu) who took advantage of the low level of unionization in the High Kingdom to increase their profit by keeping wages low.

The National Party and the Reform Party was the two big parties in Kanawiki at that time, and both was quite passive regarding the high level of corporate control. The Emperor of Japan (and High King of Kanawiki) at that time wasn't paying much attention to Kanawiki.

The Socialist Revolution of 1968 proved a very transformative time for Kanawiki. The Socialists surged, broke every expectation and successfully harnessed the discontented working-class (including Ige's parents) to sweep the electoral board.

The age of corporations having huge influence ended there, as the Socialists under new Prime Minister Inouye Quen passed many laws breaking their control. It also improved his family's life considerably as the new laws designed to help the working class meant that they didn't have to struggle on their own when Ige's father was unemployed.


After graduating from the University of Kanawiki in the 1970s, Ige became a successful electrical engineer, helping in the electrification of the High Kingdom, and held this job for decades, even after he became a Member of Parliament after the 1985 election (which itself wasn't a good one for the Socialist Party, as the conservative Federalist Party returned to power in a strong victory).

Ige rose up in the ranks of the Socialist Party, becoming Minister of the Interior in Hanabusa Wikolia's government (1997-2006), and after the Socialist defeat in the 2006 election, successfully won the 2008 leadership election against Hirono Queico in a close-fought election.

He proved a strong critic of the Djou government, and in the 2011 election, cut down the Federalist majority to a minority, forcing them to make a deal with the Ecotopic Party to keep the confidence of the House. This agreement between the conservative Federalists and the left-leaning Ecotopists didn't last long, and in 2013, the Ecotopists withdrew their support, collapsing the Djou government and triggering a new election.

The election of 2013 proved a strong Socialist victory, with the Federalists and Ecotopists taking a hit due to the unpopular deal, and due to homelessness increasing under Djou's seven years in government, something that deeply worried all Kanawikians.

Ige's government so far has been moderately popular, with people agreeing that he has done enough to cut down on homelessness, but Federalist-leaning voters has expressed concern about his future plans for the country, thinking that they are too ambitious and not needed in the country.

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