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The Institut Lingistic Bovlai (Bovlai Institute of Linguistics) was founded in 1889 in Bovlai, Xliponia, where it still has its headquarters. The original group of researchers, led by Maqim Fihtr, stated the Institute's objectives as follows:

  • Studying the languages and writing systems of the world, their history and their interrelationships;
  • Establishing methods for translation of literary and scientific works to foster international communication;
  • Investigating whether an artificial international language is desirable and feasible, and how it may be created;
  • Publishing a dictionary and a grammar of the Xliponian language, describing current usage and prescribing reasonable norms, to be updated according to need.

The ILB has remained true to its goals to the present day. The current director (since 1988) is Mark Reynolds. The JILB - Journal of the ILB - is published quarterly and constitutes a respected reference worldwide.

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