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About Ill Bethisad
Beware of the Dragon!

About Ill Bethisad
More about Ill Bethisad
How It All Works
What IB Is and What IB Ain't
Membership of Ill Bethisad
IBWiki Policy
Guidelines for using this wiki
Basic principles

1. Wiki Operating Parameters
The IB Wiki is the public gathering place of Ill Bethisad Members, where the common act of creating shared history and culture takes place. [The Yahoo group Conculture is also a present and historical gathering place for Members to discuss things. It operates under its own regulations.] This Wiki is also a residing place for a portion of the matiere or legendarium which is the product of our common efforts. The List serves as a general acknowledgements page, giving credit to all and sundry who have contributed to this Work.

This Wiki operates under the same set of general guidelines that the Ill Bethisad Project has operated under. These guidelines are to be found in various articles including but not necessarily limited to:

2. IB Wiki Administrators
IB Wiki Administrators are: BoArthur, Elemtilas, IJzeren Jan, Muke, Nik, Zahir

3. Responsibilities of IB Wiki Administrators
It is the responsibility of the IB Wiki Administrators to maintain the overall management and the clean appearance of the IB Wiki. It is also the responsibility of IB Wiki Administrators to maintain public order within the Wiki. It is also the responsibility of IB Wiki Administrators to periodically review any issues that may arise regarding the smooth operation of the Wiki and in accord with the general membership, address those issues.

4. Means used by IB Wiki Administrators
To these ends, IB Wiki Administrators reserve Strange and Curious Powers over the environment including but not limited to the deletion of files, temporary or permanent blocking of users and reversion of spammed or otherwise vandalised files to a previous, clean version.

5. Rights and Responsibilities of all Members
The First Amendment is in full force here. Every Member has the right to their say without prejudice or reprisal.
Members have the right to disagree with one another.
The Golden Rule is in full force here. Members have the responsibility to act with respect towards others and the work done or in progress by others.
Members have the right to air grievances and defend themselves against same. These issues should be brought to the (preferably private) attention of Elemtilas, IJzeren Jan or BoArthur.
Beyond these basics, Members have the obligation to cultivate and exercise their common sense when dealing with others.
Members also have the right to be boneheads from time to time: no one is perfect, and perfection is not expected in any Member.

6. Raison d'Etre
The underlying reason for the existence of Ill Bethisad is the interest in the curious alternate history that has grown up around the fictional language Brithenig and its country Kemr. The Ill Bethisad Project has been a going concern for close to one decade. While not everyone currently active in the Project has been there through it all, èveryone has become an integral and well appreciated part of the group. As much as anything, we consider ourselves an on-line family: regardless of our differences or quibbles, we all come here because love doing what we are doing and we have learned to get along with one another.


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