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  • You're not Francian, and get annoyed when foreigners (especialy from Lousianna) assume you can speak francian.
  • You learned some francian at school but probably lost most of it afterward unless you worked somewhere where it was needed.
  • You see being polyglot as a good thing but not a very relevant one. If you speak another language fluently, its probably Francian.

Citizenship / Politic

  • You probably don't identify primarily as Neofrancian, regardless of your opinion on the monarchy.
  • You feel a vague sense of loyalty toward the Intendant but are a proponent of republicanism in principle (as long as it does not cost you too much).
  • You find it normal that utility companies are publicly owned and have a monopoly in their respective market.
  • You might know a bit about international politics but find it mostly irrelevant in regards to your life.
  • You find the differences between the various parties to be minimal beside the monarchist/republican divide.
  • You enjoy discussing politics but not with foreigners who you feel cannot appreciate the intricacy of local realities. You only discuss politics inside the family if everyone is on the same side (monarchist or republican).
  • You have more chances, statisticaly, of being a republican but even if you are a monarchist, you probably are more moderate then others of francian origin.
  • You think that society should take care of all and find it normal to have social welfare insurance, free education and free medical cares.
  • If taxes seem too high when compared to services rendered, you don't wish taxes to be cut but to get better services.
  • You would have more tolerance toward an immigrant with a different skin colour who learned to speak Laurentian then toward a native born Francian with the same pigmentation but who never learned your language.
  • Unless you belong to the zouaves, you wish to stay neutral and would resist the formation of a permanent army.

Culture / Entertainment

  • You're a big fan of hibercrosse. You would rather watch a junior league game of it then a professional game of another sport.
  • You get your news from local newspaper and TV channels.
  • You have cable TV.
  • Shows you watch most often on TV are Telenovel (Series composed of a fix number of episodes, usualy 12)
  • On new year's eve, you watch from 23:00 to midnight a show call "À rjoéyure" which is a humouristic revue of the last year.
  • You consider opera and ballet to be highbrow but have probably seen many plays, usualy "summer theatre" type.
  • comics come in 2 forms: harcover (a single story) and magazine (containing a mixture of short stories and episodes)


  • You don't consider dogs and cats to be food, but snails and frogs are. You consider everything inside an animal (save for the bone) to be edible.
  • You think that food sold on the street is unhygienic (and would be illegal anyway).
  • When going to a restaurant, you expect food to be made then and there, not prepared in advanced and / or reheated.
  • Milk comes in bag


  • You're a badly practicing Latin Rite Catholic.
  • You celebrate christmas on the 24th of december (the "réveillon"). You go to midnight mass and come back to give and receive gifts.


  • You were (will get) married in a church.
  • You expect marriages to be made for love; arranged marriages are unheard of. Matchmakers on the other hand are common in some part of the intendancy.
  • You believe that a person who has sex strictly with others of the same gender is homosexual. A person who has sex with both gender is a libertine. Since, without consideration to gender, 2 people living together for a set number of years are considered "De facto" spouses, gay couple can enjoy more or less the same benefit as heterosexual spouses.
  • you don't considered that a woman showing here breast in public is obscene in itself. You do feel that some places and situations however make it less appropriate.
  • You know that by law, half of what you own will go to your spouse and the rest to your children. Your will, if you made one, has no legal standing and is merely a suggestion.

Domestic life

  • Toilets have shower/bath combination unless you're in a restaurant or another public place.
  • You don't have a dirt floor but probably a wooden one.
  • You eat at a table, sitting on a chair. You probably spend more time in the kitchen then in the lounge room.
  • Your place might not have air conditioning (that what windows are for), but it is heated in the winter. You know the utility company can't legaly cut the power for the 6 cold month of the year.


  • You get 2 weeks of vacation a year, more if you've been working at the same place for a while.
  • You probably take you're vacation near the end of summer.
  • When holidaying, you probably stay inside the intendancy. If traveling abroad, you do so with a group and hang out with them.

Urban Life

  • You think that the public transport is extremely good. You might not even own a car.
  • You would only haggle over the price of labour or second hand goods.
  • You consider it normal for law enforcement officers to be armed when in functions. You tend to see them as most other public servant: overpaid when compare with their actual usefulness.
  • The places you avoid at night are the same that you would during the day. You feel pretty safe walking around by yourself.
  • You assume that most taxi drivers are from Saint-Domingo.


  • You think that education should be free for all.
  • You have at least a secondary school diploma (which is mendatory).
  • You did 3 years of college if you wanted to become a technician or 2 if you wanted to go to university.
  • You can name most countries in north-america. You can name all the regions of New Francy as well as their chef-lieux.
  • Dates are in the DD/MM/YY format. The decimal point is a comma.
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