Haximoto Sacura

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Haximoto Sacura
Title: Governor of Outer Manchuria (Ezoan)
 Term in office: Saisei 51, Itxigaçu 1–Consai Gannen, Xitxigaçu 27
February 4, 2002–September 1, 2006
 Predecessor: ?
 Date: Saisei 11, Rocugaçu 31
August 5, 1962
 Place: Sapporo, Republic of Ezo
Profession: Politician, lawyer
Political Party: Democratic Party
Relgious Affiliation: Agnostic

Haximoto Sacura was the Ezoan co-governor of Outer Manchuria at the time of Empress Gacudai and First President Jean-François Young's assassination.


Haximoto began her career as a lawyer in the SNORist Republic of Ezo. In her mid-20's, however, she came to sympathize with the opposition, secretly joining the Imperial Restoration Party, in 1987. Two years later, her allegiance was discovered, and she lost all of her professional credentials, and was forced to go into hiding to avoid arrest. She joined the leadership of the party, and by the time the Rational-Progressive Party was overthrown in 1991, she had risen in the ranks to president of the Sapporo District chapter.

In 1995, she ran for election in the Ezo Parliament under the Democratic Party. She lost, but in the elections of 1998, she ran again and was elected. She served as a member of parliament until 2002, when the then-Prime Minister of Ezo appointed her as his representative in Outer Manchuria. Haximoto has strongly supported termination of Condominium status, and integration into Ezo proper.

After the assassination of Empress Gacudai and First President Jean-François Young of Louisianne, Haximoto publically speculated on Primoryan or even Russian, involvement in the assassination, suggesting that Young's death was a red herring, a convenient distraction. This lead to Ezoan Prime Minister Izumi Yasuhide removing her from office. At this time, a replacement has not been named.

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