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Hatxiòdji (八王子市, Hatxiòdjixi) is a city located in Edo Province, Yamato. It is located in the Hatxiòdji Basin, surrounded by mountains on three sides, and opening to the east. It was the second municipality in Edo Province to be granted city status, on Taixò 12, Hatxigaçu 1 (August 29, 1917), second only to Edo itself.


The city has a long history, occupying an important junction along the Còxù Highway, the road connecting Edo with Western Japan since early times, and especially during the Tocugawa xogunate. During the Edo period it flourished as a way-point on the road to Edo, and as a center of trade for the Tama district.

During the Meidji Era, it came to become an important center of silk cultivation. It was established as Hatxiòdji Town, Minami-Tama District upon the establishment of the modern Municipality system. Minami-Tama Distrcit was initially part of Canagawa Province. On April 1, 1893, the Tama districts were transfered to Tòquiò Province.

In the early Saisei Era, the city came to function as a home for commuters in Edo, and colleges and universities were constructed. The city has absorbed several surrounding towns and villages.

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