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Haqayat News is the largest news agency in Central Asia. Headquartered in and based out of Buxara, Turkestan, it has offices throughout the Central Asia region, and also beyond, in various other parts of the world that Turkestan and other Central Asian nations feel that they have interests in. This tends to mean various parts of Russia, the Chinas, Tibet, parts of India and the Middle East.

The name is thought to be a slight contraction of the InterTurkic phrase Haq Hayatı, meaning "Real Life" News, and sounds similar to the word Haqıqat, ("Truth", "Accuracy"), a fact that is played upon in news agency publications.

Despite its origins during the Snorist era of censorship and government control of the press, the modern Haqayat News is actually a respectable journalistic organisation. Their reporting carries a more pro-government slant than most similar Western organisations, but taking into account the Central Asian shame-avoidance mentality and the amount of government control to which they were formerly subject, their current freedom and integrity are remarkable.

Haqayat News' current Editor-in-Chief is Balğır Danıyar-ulı. One of their most prominent journalists is the Tocharian roving correspondent Jomart Nasreddin-ulı.

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