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Just a page of notes about the businesses in Hannover

RLH - (Royal Luff Hannover) - Royal Hannover Airline - located in Hannover Stadt.

VW - (Volkswagen) - Car Manufacturer - headquarters located in Wolfsborg, L├╝neborger Heide.

UBH - (Union Bank Hannover) - The Union Bank of Hannover - headquarters in Osnabr├╝ck Stadt.

TUI - (Tuuristik Union International [Aktiengesellschop]) - International Tourists Union - Hannover Stadt

HaWa - (Hannoversche Waggonfabrik) - Hannover Freight Factory - Plane makers. Lingen, Emsland.

HRG - (Hannover Rundfunk Gesellschop) - Hannover Broadcasting Corporation. National Television Network. Headoffice in Hannover Stadt.

FER - (Fyrste Emisce Runfunc) - First Emisc Broadcasting. Emisc language network for Emsland and Arembarg. Nordhorn, Emsland.
EKN - (Emsland Kommunikations Netzwerk) - Emsland Communications Network - Television, Radio etc in Lingen, Emsland.

Continental AG - ('Konti) - Multinational manufacturer of tyres, brakes etc - Hannover Stadt

HIV - (Hannoversche Iesenbahnverwaltung) - Iesenbahn

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