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Hannah O'Kinneide Blaine (born 1950) is the daughter of former General Moderator Edward Moore O'Kinneide and a current member of the House of Deputies for Castreleon New. Her uncle John Robert O'Kinneide is the current leader of the Progressive Conservative Party, which made her public defection to the new Covenant Loyalist Party in 2006 a familial as well as political scandal.

Hannah O'Kinneide Blaine is a Harvard law graduate, who practiced in the Crown Prosecutor's Office in New Amsterdam. After several important prosecutions against Pègre crimelords in the 1980s her fame and popularity led her to run for the House of Delegates, initially as a Progressive Conservative. She has been served continuously since then, serving on the Justice and Communications Committees.

She married Dr. Ion Smith Blaine (born 1953) in 1991. It was a first marriage for both. In Philadelphia she has been the target of vitriolic attack by Hannah Coultier, which most NAL politicians have to come regard as "business as usual" over the last dozen years.

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