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Hadrian Voermann (born 1955) is a veteran filmmaker who once before attempted to make a big-budget fantasy epic, titled "Mythos" but which never left the development stage. His previous movies include a wide range of hits and misses, including the science fiction "Glaive Runner," the explicit noir thriller "Instincts Basicks", the feminist road picture "Louise and Thelma" and the almost hallucinatory "The Sapphire Forest." He has also adapted novels to screen before, most famously "Lotilda" based on the scandalous work by Vlad Nabokhev. His most recent film was "Not Faithful," a drama about adultery.

Most of his films have been made with Commonwealth Artists.

  • Glaive Runner
  • Instincts Basicks
  • The Sapphire Forest
  • Louise and Thelma
  • Lotilda
  • Not Faithful


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