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Kings of the Hellenes

Arms of Greece under the Oldenburgs

Oldenburg Dynasty

  • George I (1863-1913) (son of Archking Christian IX of the Scandinavian Realm)
  • Constantine XII* (first reign) (1913-1917)
  • Alexander IV (1917-1920)
  • Constantine XII (second reign) (1920-1922)
  • George II (1922-1947)
  • Paul I (1947-1964) (whose sister Christiana Oldenburg married the King of Muntenia)
  • Constantine XIII (1964-2000) who was deposed in 2000.
Arms of the Theodopoulos Dynasty

Theodopoulos Dynasty

*Numbering of kings in Greece are according to Byzantine chronology. Thus, the first modern Greek Constantine is known as Constantine XII because the last Byzantine Emperor was Constantine XI. However, the new Empire sees itself as starting over, hence the new monarch is Constantine XII (although this same individual was known for a short time as King Constantine XIV).

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