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Greco-Buddhism is a syncrete religion of Eastern Orthodoxy and Buddhism. They have churches in the greater Greece area and some diplomats adhering of this religion practicing have spread it to other lands.



Greco-Buddhism is a sub-sect of Mahayana Buddhism, a sect of Buddhism which worships Buddha as a deity and believes 12 people are "Great Bodhisattvas", or people who have staved off entering Nirvana until everyone has. They also however, like Theravada Buddhism, place a great emphasis on Monks & Nuns Now Mahayana has eight Bodhisattvas, whereas the 9th in Greco Buddhism is Jesus Christ himself and the 10th Constantine the Great (who they believe was really a reincarnation of Jesus). Curiously enough, they believe Jesus has reincarnated himself numerous times (some greats being Constantine the Great & Saint Josaphat) until he can once again open the Gates of Heaven (the doorway to Nirvana) for eery person, not just the enlightened souls He let into Nirvana 2000 years earlier. Their scripture is the Tὰ βιβλία τὰ ἅγια (The true books), which is a mixture of the Pali Canon (which are the scriptures of Theravada Buddhism, not Mahayana Buddhism) and the New Testament. They also believe that Siddhārtha Gautama is actually a descendant of Jesus on his Stepfather Joseph's side.

The Ten Boddhisattvas

Though they believe eventually someday everyone will become a Boddhisattva, so far there are 12 greats

  • Jesus Christ
  • Siddhārtha Gautama
  • Constantine the Great
  • Saint Josaphat
  • Akasagarbha


  • Monks fufill the religious duties to the people of delivering mass every Sunday, while still being in religious compounds. Nuns are also important
  • Then comes the Bishop
  • Then the Archbishop
  • Then whatever the heck Patriarch is in Sanskrit.


As a whole, the common Greek Buddhist does not need to maintain a vegetarian lifestyle, though it is greatly stressed none of the animal goes to waste so it does not die in vain. However religious leaders must never eat any animal products that can be deemed harmful to the animal.


Monks and Nuns may have families, though anyone above them on the scale or wanting to move ahead must maintain celibacy.

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