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The Great Corridor Territory occupies a large tract of land in the center of mainland Australasia extending from its northern coast to its southern one. It is composed of a large number of semi-autonomous native nations (about 70) under a governor who answers only to the central Australasian government. As such, it is not considered a colony of any of the FK countries.

Following is a small list of important dates:



A charter is given by the government of England to a joint Bavarian-English company for the establishment of a freemen colony. The colony, Eugenide, is created as a model settlement with a planned development which gave freedom of religious and political beliefs as well as a libertarian approach to government. As the name implies though, the colony is seen as first and foremost a destination for those "well-born".


Due to its official promise of freedom from religious persecutions, the colony saw the massive arrival of Lutherans.


Copper deposits are discovered near the colony setting off a rush of miners.


The city government proves unable to deal with the influx while maintaining its ideals. The British authority takes away the company's charter and assumes direct rule.


Beginning of the arrival of Middle Eastern camel drivers. Many intermarried with the local aborigine population leading to the creation of the Ghanra tribe.


The British government renounces its claim on the Eugenide colony and its surrounding land. The colony is then joined with the northern unincorporated territories under the direct management of the central Australasian government.


As part of the war effort, and to ensure that it does not become a weak link in the defence of the land, the GCT is governed by the military who place it, de facto, under martial law. It is here in the uninhabited portion of the territory that the FK and allied scientists perform tests on their first atomic bomb.


Instead of being named by the Australasian Government, the chief-minister of the territory is now elected by locals. The governor continues to be nominated.


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