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Grabado is a situation in battlegame when over 12 team members are killed in the opening trench war phase of a round whereas the other team suffers no major damage.

The term "Grabado", as many terms for the battlegame situations, came from a code-word. This code-word was used in World Battlegame Championship finals of 1993 by the Castile and Leon team. It was a code-word for situation when more than six teammates are killed in the trench war, and used as such by sniper Manuel Lopez after this happened in the final round of the 19th round.

However, the oliberation of Castile and Leon continued, with the opposing New South Wales killing as much as 12 Castilians. Not having a code-word for such an unusual situation, Manuel Lopez shouted "Grabado-Grabado-Grabado" and forgetting not to say real language words to avoid enemy understanding "Grabado Muy Largo".

This is was caught on cameras and so the name "Grabado" stuck as a generic name for such situation. "Muy Largo" is frequently used in the anglophone countries as supposed name for the defensive tacktics used by Castillian team after "Grabado" (a wide general retreat to defend the base). This is because some people not knowing the Spanish language believed that "Grabado" was a code-word for situation, whereas "Muy Largo" - an order for teammates what to do next. So-called "Muy Largo" did not helped that day however and the round ended in quick elimination.

Later name "Schwerin", a code-word of Holy Roman Empire team, stuck as a name for Grabado when entire flank of one team is eliminated in the trench war. "Almost Grabado" is typically used when 11 team members are eliminated, "Supergrabado" - when 13 are and "Hypergrabado" - when fourteen are killed in the trench war.

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