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Gion Boibont, entered the Kemrese Senate in 1986 as a Senator in the seventh Liberal coalition government. His political career has been successful. In 1996 he rose to leader of the Liberal Party and became Deputy Toisag in the Labour-Liberal coalition that ousted the second term Conservative government two years later. When the Labour vote collapsed in 2002 the Liberal Party became the senior partner in the new government and Gion Boibont inherited the Toisagdad.

Boibont's term in office has been popularly successful. A buoyant economy has produced record levels of employment in Kemr. The government is committed to improving a health system in need of renewal. Despite the protests of the Communist and Green Senators Boibont committed Kemrese ships in the Federal Fleet to the liberation of the Cruzan Islands in the Gulf War. Boibont has yet to answer the criticisms of a vocal minority who question whether the nation's commitment to the Federation with Scotland and England is too great a financial burden for the nation to bear. The Kingdom of Kemr has been in federation with the two other British nations for 200 years.

Custodians of public decency criticised Boibont's government as immoral after an openly homosexual senior minister was the guest of honour at the Gay Castreleon Annual Parade. A watchdog group has been established to monitor the government for any legislation that is counter to Kemr's traditional moral values.

Political observers noted that Gion Boibont's career has been successful beyond what would have been expected of him. Prior to entering he was best remembered as the candidate who lost his trousers at a public event, which has never been forgotten. Many, including leaders of other states, have noted that his enduring motif is that he appears to have no comprehension of men's grooming products, or basic hygiene. Nevertheless he remained popular with mainstream Kemrese, who followed his antics like a traffic accident in motion. It was an unconfirmed rumour that he had a team of consultants devising ever new incidents or faux pas that will keep him in public attention.

As years went by, Boibont's antics started to wear thin and in a rapidly politically-changing Kemr, it became clownish and foolish to many who wished for a Tosaig who could lead with a firm no-nonsense hand. Hence the Liberal Party moved to 'retire' him in favour of his long-suffering deputy Sarra Llewein in 2011. Boibont is currently living in Castreleon having been duly shuffled out of the public's eye. Since then the general opinion of most Kemrese has been that 'the first few years were great, but it went on too long and ended up a caricature of itself'.

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