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Georg Friedrich of Tejas (1863-1940; r. 1891-1898 and 1909-1940)) was monarch of Tejas twice. He was King during the War of 1898.

In the 1890s, Castile and Leon had an empire. Apart from the Filipinas, the kingdom also controlled Hispanola, the Floridas, Porto Rico and Cuba. But beginning in the 1880s and with growing fervor, independence movements had sprung up. Even worse from the royal government's point of view, such movements had support. Republican would-be rebels in Tejas as well as sympathizers in Louisianne and the North American League pledged aid to the different factions.

King Georg Friedrich of Tejas declared he would offer letters of marque as well. Precisely why His Majesty did this is still a matter of debate. Perhaps it was a plea for greater prestige, or an effort to quell the would-be revolutionaries in his own realm, or maybe he hoped to increase his revenues with commissions from pirates. It is not impossible his motives were precisely as he stated them—in a show of royal solidarity.

In 1898 he was deposed by José Felipe Gutierrez in a republican coup. Tejas eventually restored the monarchy in 1904 after the Gutierrez regime proved a disaster. Thirty six years later, Georg Friedrich was succeeded by his daughter Maria Luisa (1904-1985; r. 1940-1970). Following the junta period, his daughter Maria Gabrielle assumed the throne, in a restoration of the Solms-Braunfels monarchy.

Preceded by:
Wilhelm Ernst
Tejas flag.png
Monarch of Tejas
Followed by:
Maria Luisa of Tejas
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