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Map showing the worldwide spread of the French languages

The Gallosphère, a francophone cultural sphere has developed during the last two centuries, wherein foods, media and ideals are transmitted between France and its colonies and former colonies. Many would suggest that the Gallosphère is becoming more entrenched with the increasing popularity of Agence France Presse and the rising F24 to rival the international BBC, which Agence France Presse will in large part oversee.

The Gallosphère can be explored in the following sub-divisions:


Movie Genres



- Directors

Jean Marnot was a Louisianne filmmaker whose work has achieved a kind of cult status.




Comics are publishes weekly in anthology magazines. They can also be found in hardcover albums (that contain all the weekly instalements of a given story or an original one) publishes at longer interval (once a year or less). Waloonia is considered the Gallosphere's comic publishing center.

Alegoric the Frank A humourisitic series of graphic novel about a frankish knight.

Lehi Lachance A series of humourous graphic novel set around the adventures of a mormon cowboy in 19th century Louisiana.

Crime Novels

Crime Novels more often then not center on a master criminal (Arsene Lupin, Fantomas). When the protagonist is a "good guy", he is probably a policeman, not a private detective or an amateur

Baphomex A famous fictional character and prototype of the "Gentlemen-Thief" in crime novels.


A catch all genre for novels which contained elements of science-fiction or the supernatural. Louisianna is considered the source of gallo-style sci-fi.

Jacques Cartier of Mars (created by Honoré Philippe Louvain) is a fictional character, a swashbuckling fantasy that was and remains internationally popular.


Photo-romans are magazine-size comics but with photographies instead of drawing. The stories are more often then not of the romance genre.




Crêperie: a restaurant serving a variety of pancakes

Algerian Couscous

Cajun Cuisine

Sugar shak: From New Francy, sugar shacks are restaurants serving a number of dish containing maple syrups.

Fondu Place: serving a number of plates that the costumer cook himself in a cauldron containing broth, oil, cheese or chocolate.

Haytian Buffet

Telou Cuisine: a fusion of tejas and louisiannan cuisine.



Nobility in the Gallosphere

Nobility in Saint Domingo

Path of the Exiled

Diplomatic Relations in the Gallosphere

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