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État Gabonais
State of Gabon
Flag of Gabon
 Official: Francien
 Others: Fang, Myene, Nzebi, Bapounou/Eschira, Bandjabi
 Capital: Libreville
 Other: ...
President: ...
Chief of government: El-Hadj Omar BONGO
Area: 267,667 sq km
Population: 1 400 000 inhabitants
Independence: from France
 Declared: 17 August 1960
 Recognized: 17 August 1960
Currency: CFA Franc
Organizations: -


General information



One-party dictatorship.


While part of French Congo, Gabon was recipient of a large number of repatriated Africans from Louisianne following the slave rebellions of Haÿti. Historians calculate soe 30%-40% of Louisiannan slaves were repatriated. While most were willing immigrants, there are documented cases that some, notably from some of the plantations along the Mississippi river course that were not.

Gabon received independence from France on 17 August 1960. Current President Bongo has been in power since 1964. Gabon supported Beninian insurgents in Togolese civil war.

Presidential standard
Defence Minister's standard
Navy ensign
Air Force roundel


Francien is the most commonly spoken language, and serves as a lingua franca for the nation, however there are a large number of local languages spoken, and a sort of patois with a heavy Francien superstata is developing, especially with increased trade in the region.

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