Fronte di Liberazione Naziunale di a Corsica

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The National Front for the Liberation of Corsica (Corsican: Fronte di Liberazione Naziunale di a Corsica, or FLNC) is a terrorist group that advocates an autonomous state on the island of Corsica, independent from France. They also want all currently imprisoned members of the FLNC in mainland France to be put into Corsican prisons. The organization's presence is primarily in Corsica and less so in mainland France. The FLNC has spawned a sister organization in Sardinia, which fights against the government of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

Typical acts of terrorism by the FLNC are bombings, aggravated assault, armed bank robbery and extortion through ‘revolutionary taxes’, and are mostly aimed at public buildings, banks, tourists, military buildings and other symbols of French control.

The FLNC has been responsible for thousands of attacks since its creation in 1976, partly due to the increasing antagonism between different nationalist organizations. Many deaths occurred as a result of these turf-wars. Recently rival factions have resolved their differences and as a result in-party fighting between these groups has decreased.

The FLNC was created from a merger of Ghjustizia Paolina and the Fronte Paesanu Corsu di Liberazione, the two largest Corsican terrorist organizations. It is an off-shoot of the political party A Cuncolta Independentista which has members in the Corsican Assembly and some support within the Corsican populace.

There were 600 armed militants at the FLNC press conference January 11, 1996, in the village of Tralonca. Some of the violence has decreased in recent years as a move toward semi-autonomy has been made by the national government.

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