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Frederik Amundsen Blick (b. 1935) is a retired MP for New Sweden and former Captain of the NAL Continental Army. He is the viceroy for the Scandinavian Realm.

He joined the armed forces after leaving university in 1956, retiring from the Continental Army in 1973 to take up a career in politics. He was elected MP for New Sweden (Whig); but stirred up a considerable controversy when he defected to the Progressive Conservative party. He has never called himself an anti-SNORist, but he was an outspoken critic of Porfiri Bogolyubov.

He is well known for his "charming" behaviour, being very well dressed. He was a national hero for Scandinavian-Americans in general, and this is what he was for electing Viceroy. He was a good friend of Frederik IX also, who he affectionally reffered to as "Grand Frederik" (the main railway station in Christiana is named Grand Frederik after him). He was married briefly for 2 months in 1962, but his wife died from complications of Tubercolosis and has never remarried. He has one daughter; Margaret Blick, who is a Progressive Conservative MP, columnist in the New Amsterdam Times and occasional chat show host.

He was a heavy smoker and suffered later in life from quite severe lung cancer.

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Scandinavian Viceroy
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