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Lou parti di Biou is an unacknowledged militant group that is an outgrowth of the Ligue Bourguignonne, a political group lobbying for a more autonomous region within France. Since the turn of the millenium Lou parti di Biou has begun bombing offices in Paris and Lyon, as well as various acts of violence in and around the region.

The proclaimed goal is a free nation of Grande-Bourgogne, as the name franche-comté historically means. Lou parti seeks to have France cede the départements that formerly belonged to the Counts of Burgundy and unite them with the historical territory of the Duchy of Burgundy as a sovereign nation. This has been met with resistance. Because the militants have also attacked sites in neighboring Jervaine and Helvetia, Interpol has become involved and the French government has directed CCTV installations to be installed in nearly all public places in the province to hopefully aid in apprehension of these terrorists.

The Ligue Bourguignonne has disavowed any involvement with Lou parti and decries the violence they incite, even if it plays out to their political advantage that such violence happens.

Lou Parti di Biou launched a series of attacks in 2006 against financial institutions over the course of a week throughout much of eastern France.


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