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Father Perry Tratchett is a writer of theological matters from the kingdom of Hay-on-Wye. He is best known for his "Flat World" series of books in which he explores matters of religions in layman's terms.

Many people have commented on the name of the book series; in response, Tratchett advanced the idea that, while the world is physically a sphere, it is metaphysically a flat square. He explained during a lecture tour, "that accounts for mentions of the four corners of the earth, refering to the spiritual world and not the physical one."

He received a papal medal in 1993 for his writing.


  • 1) Colour of Faith: The first book of the series introduces theology through the story of a priest in the Middle East who serves as guide to an atheist tourist.
  • 4) Death: What Lies Beyond the Mortal Life
  • 10) Holy Rood: the Story of the Symbolism of the Cross
  • 13) Small Prophets: Father Tratchett explores the lives and teachings of various prophets from minor current religions.
  • 25) Good News: The story behind the compilation of the Roman Catholic bible.
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