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Father Perry Tratchett is a writer of theological matters from the kingdom of Hay-on-Wye. He is best known for his "Flat World" series of books in which he explores matters of religions in layman's terms.

Many people have commented on the name of the book series; in response, Tratchett advanced the idea that, while the world is physically a sphere, it is metaphysically a flat square. He explained during a lecture tour, "that accounts for mentions of the four corners of the earth, refering to the spiritual world and not the physical one."

He received a papal medal in 1993 for his writing.

He should not be confused with the author Sir Terry Pratchett, who up until his untimely death in 2015 was known for his satirical fantasy novels.


  • 1) Colour of Faith: The first book of the series introduces theology through the story of a priest in the Middle East who serves as guide to an atheist tourist.
  • 4) Death: What Lies Beyond the Mortal Life
  • 10) Holy Rood: the Story of the Symbolism of the Cross
  • 13) Small Prophets: Father Tratchett explores the lives and teachings of various prophets from minor current religions.
  • 25) Good News: The story behind the compilation of the Roman Catholic bible.
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