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Enrhig Tewdur (1491-1547), best known of a political dynasty, the Tewdurs, that provided several Toisags. The earliest was his father, Enrhig Tewdur Maer (or the Elder). Enrhig Tewdur was referred to by his opponents as 'Ill Yniwr' (the Younger, or Apprentice). As the second son he was educated to enter the Church and rose to become Abbot of Saint David, the pre-eminent ecclesial office in Kemr Byr, second only to the Abbot-Patriarch of Glastein.

His position kept him close to circles of the Curth and in 1529 Gereint IX appointed his spiritual advisor Cardinal Tewdur as his Toisag, minister of the crown. His administration was flamboyant and driven by whim. Often his decisions did not benefit the kingdom. In 1536 he committed troops to France against the Holy Roman Empire at significant cost and loss of life without visible benefit or success. Nevertheless he saw it as an initiative into foreign affairs that reflected well on his own reputation. His most successful skill was an ability to survive in office. King Gereint did not dismiss him until 1541 and then reluctantly.

Possibly his greatest contribution to Kemrese history was to preserve its soul as a Catholic nation. Cardinal Tewdur published a defense of Catholicism in 1537 while in office. It was a traditional description of religion involving other collaborators in its writing. Nevertheless the Evangelic (Protestant) religion remained a minority in Kemr.

Enrhig Tewdur left no successors. All latter Tewdurs were descendents of his older brother, Arthur.

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