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Portrait of MP Boucher, dated an CCXIV (2005)

Emmanuel Boucher, Fils is a Member of Osage's House of Lords affiliated with the Républicains Libres, and has served in this position for the last four years. Prior to this, M. Boucher has served as an MP to the Etats General of Osage, and as a Protestant minister in Yonne.

Early Life

Service as Sous-Prefect

Prefectoral Election of an CCXVIII (2009)

Initial polling of the Etats Populaire of Osage took place on 29 Ventôse CCXVII (20 March 2009), but the results were not revealed until 3 Germinal CCXVII (24 March 2009) after the House of Lords reviewed the ballots. A second primary was declared because M. Narbonòsc tied with M. Boucher, each garnering 23% of the votes of MPs. A special ruling from the Tribunal de la République was made, declaring that they each must run in a separate primary.

After the primary at the end of June, M. Boucher was defeated in a strong margin (15%) in favor of M. Narbonòsc.

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Member of Parliament for Osage
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