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Ecotourism is a very popular and ecology friendly industry in Ill Bethisad. In essence, an ecotourism firm is one that offers tours, safaris or cruises into the wildernesses of the world. Concepts such as "leave no trace" and "pack out your trash" were popularised by this phenomenon. The underlying principle of ecotourism is that people from all walks of life should be able to enjoy even the most remote lands on Earth; but those who go there must take especial care not to upset the local ecosystem. Ecotourism firms do not sponsor trophy hunting, trapping or fishing expeditions (like the African safaris of old) but concentrate instead on hiking, climbing, small boating, and surfing, as well as cruises and rail or autocar tours. That said, hunting and fishing are integral parts of some tour packages, but the animals are taken for food rather than mere sport.

The concept was first promulgated in 1962 by Drs. Ricardo and Gouenneth Trametheck of Kemr, the one a professor of ecology and biology the other of economics at Uni. of Esca in Dunein. Both were avid outdoorsmen and enjoyed exploring the outbacks of Australasia, Africa and America. The concept became popularised following the publication of their travelogues. They formed a small company in 1962 called Cambro-ECO-Tourismo which offered hiking and camping tours up in the moors of northern Dunein.

Since that humble beginning, a large number of ecotourism firms were founded, many in Dunein itself, and not a few in Batavia.

Some known firms:

  • Cambro-Arctic Eco Trust
  • Coast of New Cornwall Eco Ltd.
  • Nieuw Zaandam Ecotours LLC
  • Pensang Antarctic Tours Ltd.
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