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Official reckoning of the Dumnonian High Kings begins with Esudamos the Good in 240AD, around the time the Roman legions were recalled to Gaul.

240-280 Esudamos Camulos Senos, Dagos, also known as Old King Coel. Helena, daughter of Coel, mother of Flav. Val. Constantinus Mag., Emperor of Rome.

280-310 Conan Camulos Meriatacos.

310-335 Caratacos.

335-365 Rigalobrannus.

365-395 Tutivalos.

395-430 Constantinus i.

430-445 Sabrina Magalatuta Daga.

445-470 Vortigernos Turccos, brother of Sabrina the Good. Crowned Emperor of the Cornubians in 465.

470-500 Tutivalos Senos, first Dumnonean High King to be double crowned, first as Exeter then at Namnetio.

500-535 Marcos i Cunomoros (married Adsilita, daughter of Sulis Underking of Britanny, younger son Drustanus fell in love with her, causing certain troubles told of by later bards.

535-565 Constantinus ij Cornovios, married daughter of Voteporix, King of Demetia. Crowned three times: at Lugus as well as at Exeter and Namnetio. High Kings are regularly double crowned hereafter, only two are triple crowned.

565-590 Urbanos.

590-625 Gerontios Heros, fought the Angles victoriously at Votadinea.

625-660 Marcos ij Arthursos, triple crowned.

660-705 Cunobrannos.

705-735 Gerontios Orgosaxo, fought the Saxons victoriously at Longport in Somerset; sent three legions to Spain in defense of Brigantia.

735-738 Julius i Augustullus.

738-751 Marcus iij Caratacus.

752-777 Constantinus iij.

777-796 Constantinus iiij.

796-814 S. Julia Sexta agia (+944). Founded the parish school system, which lasted until the 1070s and taught Latin, writing and mathematics. Julia is slain in defense of the Kingdom against the invading Wessex armies under King Egbert.

815-844 Constantinus v.

844-862 Helena i.

862-875 Dunocardios (drowned in the Tamar).

1023-1071 Longinus Constans, slain in Norman raids.

1071-1120 Helena ij.

1282-1294 Normans depose the rightfully elected High King and install a Norman duke over the Province. King Marcus of Brittany assumes authority of the High King for the interval, crowned at St. Malo in 1283.

1399-1416 Julius ij Broglios.

1757-1764 Constantinos xi, Raff Alan

1803-1814 Augustinos (Ricardo Trametheck).

1944-1985 Constantinos xij Matamoros-Jowanes.

1985-2002 Marcos xiij Castrabruglio.

2002-2002 Jockow Cintamurio Romanos (elected, not crowned).

2002- Gerontios ix ill Lupo, double crowned at Glastein and Dol in Brittany.

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