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poster of the film

Dirigible of Gold (1980) was a motion picture (and accompanying album) that in most critics' opinions was a masterpiece by the rock band NoMoreEagleZ. The band itself did not direct so much as "collaborate" with the director and production staff.

Blending live action with cartoon characters, it was a kind of psychadelic version of Homer's "Odyssey" with the finding then saving a mysterious city on the Moon. The title refers to the airship of an elderly soldier named simply the Sargeant Major who is trying to get back home. The band members help him, and discover a race of anti-music tyrants called the Winterkin have taken over the city of Nede. In the end, the Winterkin are overthrown with the power of music and the Sargeant Major is reunited with his love, Jenny.

The songs included "Nemo Man," "Jenny In The Sky" and "Sargeant Major's Broken Hearts Club Band". Both film and album were huge hits. They were banned in Snorist Russia until the overthrow of the SNOR and remain controversial in some countries like Tejas and the Republic of the Two Crowns. It was even nominated for the Nobel Prize in Broadcast Arts.

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