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The Diable Divin is a character published by Black Sheep Comics.



The Diable Divin is a metamorphosing vigilante, one of the angels from the battle of heaven (Rev 12:4), but one who not so much fell, as sauntered down purposefully. While the angels he encounters revile him, he continues about the errands of heaven, albeit through sometimes unusual and unorthodox means. He can alter his appearance at will, and has taken leadership roles at some crucial points in history. He currently lives as Raphael Azir in the Antiquities District of Patrurbia, selling old books and furniture, although he tends to discourage the book buyers and encourage those looking for furniture.


Diable Divin has the following powers:

  • Metamorphosis: the ability to change form to be able to infiltrate and otherwise subvert Hell's plans.
  • Far-sensing: the ability to see and hear at any distance on planet Earth to find those he's seeking, good or evil. The further the distance, the more concentration it takes.
  • Healing: the ability to heal those that he chooses to.
  • Invulnerability: Earthly weapons don't affect him, and, because of his nature in serving Heaven and (arguably) Hell, the weapons each side possess seem to have lesser effect on him, as well.
  • Teleportation: the ability to relocate himself anywhere in the world. He has experimented with taking others, but most often doesn't have the power to do so.
  • Telekinesis: the ability to move himself, others beings and objects with his mind.


  • The Bloody Countess: A demon who had at points in history lead the murderesses Elizabeth Báthory, Catalina de los Ríos y Lisperguer, Darya Saltykova, Anna Maria Zwanziger, Delphine LaLaurie, Enriqueta Martí, Jeanne Weber, and The Angel Makers of Nagyrév to commit their numerous murders. The Countess would often possess the bodies of the murderesses and then move on when they could no longer commit the heinous crime.
  • Avarus: A demon leading corporations and world leaders to greed, often with disastrous results.
  • Azazel: Demon of the wilderness, destroyer of faith.
  • Samael: Angel of Death, a demon who spawns wars and fighting anywhere he goes.
  • Ashmedai: King of the Demons, ruler of the ultimate level of hell. Ashmedai is often the source of a given issue's crisis point.
  • Lilitu: Queen of the Succubi, master of the Strix, Lilitu inspires pedophiles, rapists and vampirical tendencies among humanity in her revulsion of the human form.
  • Dantalion: The seducer, Duke of Hell. Dantalion can appear as anyone and can incite feelings of love, leading to sharing of secrets, which allow him to gain control of those he's seducing. He will often seduce, kill and then replace someone with himself as he moves in the halls of power, seeking to gain dominance of the world.
  • Aspileikos Tsimea: A devoted servant of the Hell, Aspileikos, or Layco as he's known in the business world helps provide a cover from prying human eyes for the supernatural events. He is one of the business leaders of Patrurbia, the main setting of the comic.

Heavenly Antagonists

  • Seraphiel: Highest ranking Seraphim who often goes out of his way to spite the work of Diable Divin, even if it inadvertently aids the side of Hell.
  • Metatron: Scribe of God. He often surreptitiously invokes Diable Divin to rectify some error he's made in the writing of the Book of Heaven, as he can't erase his errata.
  • Jonaël: Head Cherub, former guard of the Tree of Life, and a friend to Diable Divin before he sauntered down. Lent the flaming sword to Diable Divin after the Tree of Life was destroyed in the Flood.
  • Ianniel: A Lord of Flame. When the three Lords of Flame assemble they often bring destruction. Sodom and Gomorrah were a week long party.
  • Ashijah: A Lord of Flame.
  • Gadiel: A Lord of Flame.
  • The Archangels:

Supporting Characters

  • John Constantine: Better known as Metropolitan Ivan III of the American Orthodox Church. He serves in the grand Orthodox cathedral of Patrurbia, modelled on the Hagia Sophia. He has known Raphael Azir since his childhood, and often acts as an intermediary between him and Heaven.
  • Även Sturlesson: Would-be side-kick of the Diable Divin, who often helps discover the denouement of a given story, and helps more often than he hinders. Även's knowledge of martial arts and military science have allowed him a large arsenal of weapons and skills that help him fight the human minions of Azir's enemies.
  • Angelique: a dissident angel, who, despite the arguments of her Heavenly superiors maintains contact with Diable Divin and guides him in his quest to bring forward the fight of good against evil.


  • Heaven
  • Hell
  • Patrurbia: the city that the Diable Divin calls home. It has a distinctly international feeling, and while it's not clearly stated which country the city is located in, many readers suggest that it is located in Xliponia for the international feel.
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