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Vatan Amanlığı Bölimi
Symbol of Vatan Amanlığı Bölimi
Turkestani State Security Foreign spying, Counterinsurgency, Surveillance, Propaganda, Censorship, Political police, Black Ops
Established: 1950, Government of National Unity directive
Disbanded: 1989

The Department of Homeland Security (Vatan Amanlığı Bölimi) was the main security organ of the Government of National Unity. It was a massive entity with eyes everywhere, greatly feared by the citizens.

It was divided into six Directorates - three major and three minor - and its supreme head was the second most powerful man in the country, answering only to the Ilxan, and sometimes not even him.


First Chief Directorate

The First Chief Directorate was the Intelligence Directorate, overseeing Turkestani foreign spying efforts and "human intelligence" in at least a dozen countries.

Second Chief Directorate

The Second Chief Directorate was the internal counterpart of the First, in charge of counterintelligence, anti-insurgency and domestic spying. This was the most feared arm of the VAB, and probably the largest. Even now, it is difficult to accurately gauge the size of the Second Directorate; many of the relevant files have still not been declassified.

Third Chief Directorate

Electronic surveillance - wiretaps, visual image analysis, photoreconnaissance and the like - was the province of the Third Chief Directorate. As their role spanned both internal and external surveillance, and also involved a lot of the intelligence analysis, this was one of the most powerful directorates, though not the most feared.

Fourth Directorate

The Fourth Directorate was in charge of the political police, the black-uniformed Homeland Security Force, and was subordinate to the Second Chief Directorate.

Fifth Directorate

The Fifth Directorate was the Special Operations division, subordinate to the First Chief Directorate, very small, and highly trained. These were the people called upon to plan, direct and execute "black" operations in other countries.

Sixth Directorate

The Sixth Directorate, subordinated to the Third Chief Directorate, was the Communications directorate, in charge of propaganda, censorship, codebreaking and ciphers.

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