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Danubia is a general term used to refer to an area of the Balkans along the river Danube. It is also used to refer to several confederations of states in the region.

Flag of the Slavonic Union

Slavonic Union, 1918-1919

The Slavonic Union, also known as the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, was formed following the end of the First Great War. It was renamed in 1919 after Dalmatia joined the union.

Flag of the Danubian Confederation

Danubian Confederation, 1919-1947

Following the entry of Bulgaria and Dalmatia into the Slavonic Union, the federation was renamed Danubian Confederation to reflect the importance of the Danube to the country. The renaming was brought about since Dalmatia was a non-Slavic nation. Its members were Bulgaria, Croatia, Dalmatia, Serbia and Slovenia. As part of the dissolution of the Austrian Empire, control of its colonies was given to the Danubian Confederation. These were Gold Coast, Kamerun, Kongo, Mali, Togoland and Upper Volta, which were all reclassified as protectorates instead of colonies. The DC fell into civil war during the Second Great War and was reformed in 1947 under the leadership of Josip Broz's communists.

Flag of the CSDS

CSDS, 1947-1999

The Confederation of Soviet Danubian States was the successor to the Danubian Confederation, established following the victory of communist forces under Josip Broz.

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