Départements of Louisianne

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Created after their mother nation of France the Départements of Louisianne are based loosely on the republican system, and are roughly analogous to British counties, as found in the NAL-SLC, and in Louisianne are grouped into regions called prefectures. Départements of Louisianne are regrouped into smaller entities, called arrondissements.

In France the départements were created on January 4, 1790 by the Constituent Assembly to replace the country's former provinces with a more rational structure. They were also designed to deliberately break up France's historical regions in an attempt to erase ties to the old Royalty and the duchies. Louisianne followed suit, as a child follows her parents. Most départements are named after the area's principal river(s) or other physical features, as well as the occaisional reference to the primary inhabitants of the region.


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