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English-language version of the seal of the Continental Coast Guard

The Continental Coast Guard (or "Black Hawks") is the civilian federal agency responsible for providing marine search and rescue (SAR), aids to navigation, marine pollution response and icebreaking within the North American League (which, including the Mississippi River, has the longest coastline of any nation on earth). CCG is a civilian organisation. None of CCG's personnel is a peace officer. Enforcing and protecting the NAL's maritime sovereignty is a military task and the complete responsibility of the Solemn League Navy. The enforcement of laws in the NAL's territorial sea is the responsibility of Central Bureau of Investigation.

CCG's official seal (which is also part of their flag) includes a black hawk, in honor of the military/political leader Black Hawk. It is from this the members of the CCG have received their nickname, the "Black Hawks." Their official motto is "Semper Paratus" ("Always Ready").

The Commissioner of the Continental Coast Guard heads the organisation, and is sometimes considered a cabinet-level position (depending upon the administration). Technically, it falls under the auspices of the Ministry of Transportation. It was officially created by an Act of Parliament in 1889, one of many governmental reforms initiated by John Sparrow David Thompson.

CCG ensign

Among its other tasks, the CCG is responsible for the elaborate network of lighthouses within the NAL. As a whole the CCG is divided into five regional departments:

  • Arctic (including Hudson Bay)
  • North Atlantic
  • Great Lakes
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Trans-Mississipi
  • Caribbean

The last (which includes specialized units for furacanoes) has undergone considerable expansion in the wake of the Florida War. Amid all these regions the CCG maintains a variety of bases, with a fairly large fleet of boats, ships, airships and even aircraft. The Arctic and North Atlantic Departments also train extensively in ice-breaking.

Black Hawks' Hymn

Official translations exist in English, Brithenig, Scots, Rigsmål, "Koine Iroquois", Cherokee, Miami, Ladino, Othaaki, French, and Castilian.

Eternal Father, Lord of hosts,
Watch o'er the men who guard our coasts.
Protect them from the raging seas
And give them light and life and peace.
Grant them from Thy great throne above
The shield and shelter of Thy love.
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