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cover of 2012 book by Don Brown claiming Levi represents a threat to all Western civilization
Ever since his surprise selection as General Moderator in the 2010 election, Eugene Levi began to attract conspiracy theories. Some of these derive pretty clearly from Anti-Semitism, but others are more left wing, seeing his ascendency as a means of attacking Whig and/or Liberal agendas in the wake of various scandals involving the Progressive Conservative party. The latter is becoming an article of faith among some individuals in the NeoLeft such as Hannah Coultier.

Some specific theories:

  • The idea that a secret cabal chose him as the 27th General Moderator, in the name of some agenda. Some of the NeoLeft even go so far as to call Levi a puppet of the Ragnarok Lodge while others call him an agent of the so-called Elders of Zion.
  • A small but vocal group maintain the real Eugene Levi died some years ago, replaced by a copy. The notion here is that some foreign power (probably Louisianne) has planted Sleeper Agents as part of a long-term plan to take control of the North American League.
  • Several persons have suggested Levi was not born in Alba Nuadh but that his birth records there are forgeries, hiding his original birthplace--Judea.
  • Some individuals and protesters have gone so far as to call Levi a Neo-SNORist even referring to him as "Supreme Leader." (The fact that he is Jewish, an ethnicity which suffered strongly under the SNOR, somehow manages to evade them.)
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