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The Confederatio Romana, or Roman Confederation, is a non-governmental, international and fraternal organization of nations and regions of nations that use a Romance language. Its aim is to protect, project, and promote the common cultural heritage and unifying identities of the Latin, and Latin-influenced, world. It was created in 1954 in Madrid, Castile and Leon, and it has existed as a functional institution since 1963. Since that time its member states have risen from 12 to ??, and its membership now includes countries in Europe, Africa, the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region.

The official names of the Roman Confederation are: Confederatio Romana in Latin, Confederación Romana in Castilian, Confederação Romana in Portuguese, Coffuidderaciwn Rhufan in Brithenig, Confédération Roman in French, Konfederaceń Romanicy in Wenedyk, Confederazione Romana in Italian, Uniunea Român in Romanian, Confederació Romana in Catalan, Hoffederaçie Romana in Xliponian, Cofedderacièn Romàn in Kerno, and Romanuc Confederáçija in Parra.

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