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Commonwealth Artists Ltd.
Commonwealth Artists Logo
Type Public company
Founded 1919
Location New Amsterdam, Castreleon New, NAL
Key people Frances Ford, Chairman of the Board; Ian Connery, CEO
Employees  ??????
Industry Entertainment
Products Motion Pictures, Television & Radio Programming
Revenue Green up.png or Red down.png AMOUNT

Commonwealth Artists is a major entertainment corporation founded and based in New Amsterdam but operating internationally.

Founded in 1919, CAL (as it is sometimes known) was a deliberate attempt to create a corporation friendly to those interested in creating art as well as making a profit from same. The initial investors and board of directors included several major movie stars and directors of that time, as well as television producers and writers. They consciously modeled their bylaws with the notion of an "artists' guild" in mind, making sure that those who worked with them had the opportunity to purchase shares in the company.

Throughout the 1960s Commonwealth Artists mostly created films and programming (both t.v. and radio) for the Scottish, English and Kemrese markets, but also aimed for a larger audience. By the mid-70s they were attracting major artists from Louisianne and the NAL-SLC as well as India, Ireland and South Africa. Between then and the early 1990s the single biggest problem the company faced was a tendency to overreach and/or bet too much on the profitability of individual projects. In 1997 the company barely avoided a takeover bid by Tejan real estate tycoon Donald Horne. An entirely new management team was brought in 1998, which turned the company around through careful marketing of its large stockpile of films into the personal video market.

Among the many films produced over the years by Commonwealth are:

Commonwealth also served as a distributor for many of the films of Jean Marnot. It produced several television programs including:

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