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Chuukese succession works on a matrilineal basis. First in line is the king's eldest sister's eldest son (half-sisters are equal to full sisters if they share a mother with the king), followed by younger sons, and then the king's eldest sister's eldest daughter's eldest son and so on. If there is no heir through the king's eldest sister, then it goes on down the line through younger sisters, and if there are none, then to a brother. If there are are none in that line, then to the male descendants in the female line of the king's maternal grandmother (i.e., to the king's maternal aunts' descendants), and then up the line of ancestry up to Nacayama Miyaco (King Toxiyuqui's mother). Although it is uncertain whether a man descended from King Toxiyuqui's younger sister, Masaco, would be acceptable to the Chuukese, as Masaco remained in Japan when King Toxiyuqui came to Chuuk, bringing his eldest sister Micaco with him. Female succession is permitted if there are no eligible males. A female of the Micaco line precedes a male of the Masaco line.

Micaco line
Crown Prince Toxiyuqui (nephew; born 1983)
Prince Hiroaqui (brother; born 1965)
Princess Rei (sister; born 1968)
Princess Aico (niece; born 1985)
Princess Queico (niece; born 1988)
Masaco line
Yamada Quei (3rd cousin once removed; born 1979)
Yamada Noboru (3rd cousin once removed; born 1982)
Hayaxibara Sòitxirò (3rd cousin twice removed; born 2003)
Suzuqui Nobutoxi (3rd cousin; born 1959)
Suzuqui Kazuhico (3rd cousin; born 1963)
Suzuqui Issei (3rd cousin; born 1965)
Inowè Lùzo (3rd cousin once removed; born 1989)
Inowè Hideo (3rd cousin once removed; born 1994)
Ixicawa Nobutoxi (3rd cousin twice removed; born 2004)
Ixicawa Djùròta (3rd cousin twice removed; born 2004)
Comaçu Miqui (3rd cousin once removed; born 1985)
Yamada Txisato (3rd cousin; born 1957)
Cawaxima Minaco (3rd cousin; born 1961)
Hayaxibara Meico (3rd cousin once removed; born 1981)
Cawaxima Hitomi (3rd cousin once removed; born 1983)
Inowè Megumi (3rd cousin; born 1961)
Inowè Txieco (3rd cousin once removed; born 1991)
Ixicawa Hiroco (3rd cousin once removed; born 1985)
Minami Asaco (3rd cousin once removed; born 1987)
Suzuqui Yùco (3rd cousin; born 1970)
Comaçu Cazue (3rd cousin; born 1962)
Nacahara Nolico (3rd cousin; born 1965)

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