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A culinary "game-show" based in Japan, but aired in Louisianne and Montrei. Negotiations are ongoing with unnamed NAL television stations. This new series titled Lòli no teçudjin, Chefs d'Acier or Xefs d'Açairo is set in the "Stade de Cuisine" or "Staio de Coçina", where two world-famous chefs, one in the service of Grand-Orator Caga, and a challenger from anywhere in the world face off in a 75 minute cooking challenge.

Famed Actor Tacexi Caga has taken his the role of Grand-Orator Caga (主宰) At the start of each episode, Grand-Orator Caga is to reveal a secret ingredient. In the episodes that have already filmed they have used "teva" nuts (pinion pine nuts from Western Louisianne/Eastern Alta California), Sea Elephant steaks, and river eel.

As of yet, no Helvetian chefs have applied for consideration, and it is unknown if Grand-Orator Caga or the production company will seriously consider any Helvetian applications. When asked about this, Caga quipped "We're not the Colosseum, after all! We don't want any of our participants dead!"

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